Sean Edwards


Written by Jade Edwards

Status: In-Development

This authorized documentary tracks the life and career of the late motor racing driver Sean Edwards. Through the lens of his budding career, from the early days of go-karting in France to winning the GT3 European Championship. We examine the life of a promising talent and the mentality, the drive and passion it takes as well as the challenges each driver is faced with on the race to the top.

Sean grew up with F1 world champion Nico Rosberg. He gained a large following and was being tracked to be the next F1 driver. He was in the lead to win the Porsche Carrera Cup, with just two races left before he died in a fatal crash, as a passenger in the car of a young driver he was coaching. The irony of the crash is not to be undermined. His father Guy, a former F1 driver, had famously saved 3-time world champion Niki Lauda from his burning car in a crash at Nurburgring in 1976. He received a gallantry medal from the Queen for his bravery. Now his very own son, who had raced and won the Nurburgring 24 hours that very year, had died in a similar crash, with no one to save him. In a similar vein to the death of Ayrton Senna due to improper safety in F1 racing at the time, the aftermath of Sean’s death has raised critical awareness to the lack of appropriate safety on non-FIA governed circuits. The Sean Edwards Foundation (SEF) is pioneering the movement in paving the road to safety in non-FIA governed cars and circuits, an endeavour which is now fully backed and supported by the FIA.

Sean also played his father Guy, in the Hollywood blockbuster Rush (2013)